Acrylic Roof Coatings

A Roofer Sprays on Acrylic Roofing.

Improve Your Roofing Structure

An acrylic roof is a great way to protect your roof from water infiltration and roofing wear. This commercial roof coating is easy to apply and will have your roof protected for years to come. Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida has the best in acrylic roof coatings in Cape Coral, FL. Our trained and certified team will ensure that coatings are uniform and seamless. To learn more contact 239-893-7663.

Acrylic Roofs & How They Work

An acrylic coating application is a liquid applied, monolithic, and fully adhered elastomeric roofing membrane. A tough membrane is a result that can be similar to EPDM roofs yet with acrylic there are no seams which means less wear or chances for leaks. Although acrylic looks like paint and has the same viscosity it has different acrylic chemistry. These coatings are 5-10 times thicker than house paints and can hold up to foot traffic. It is flexible at lower temperatures and can expand and contract to climate changes which prevent it from warping and cracking. it’s able to resist poinding water which will help against leaks as well. As they can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays the progression of roof wear and degradation is greatly altered over time. With a white roof color expect to have lower building temperatures which help save energy and lower HVAC costs. Finally, you won’t have to worry about dirt as it will resist buildup as well. Here are a few reasons acrylic is a great option to choose:

  • Reflects Sun’s Rays
  • Adapts to Changing Temperatures
  • Dirt Resistant
  • Seamless
  • Resists Ponding Water
  • Protects Against Wear

Get a professional to apply your acrylic roof coatings in Cape Coral, FL, and call our team of trained roofers today to get started.

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Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida is here to provide expert acrylic roof coatings in Cape Coral, FL. Get set up with a free roof inspection and have your roof to code with our professional roofers. We’re here to confer with you at any time about your commercial roofing projects. Reach out to us at 239-893-7663 to get started.