Metal Roof Coatings

a roofer uses an airless spray to coat a metal roof

Get an Extra Layer of Protection With Your Metal Roof

Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida is here to provide you with a metal roof coating in Cape Coral, FL. Roof coatings are a great way to increase protection from the sun as well as from other conditions which can prematurely wear your roof. There are many different kinds of metal roof coatings in the market today that will perfectly match the type of metal roof that you have. For more information, contact our knowledgeable staff at 239-893-7663.

How Metal Roofs Work

Depending on the type of metal roof that you have, there will be different types of coatings available that can make up for any lack of protection your metal naturally won’t be able to protect from. Take, for example, rust and corrosion. Oftentimes a metal roof coating application will be necessary in order to prevent the natural development of such issues as time passes. Other times, the natural factory finish coating will become compromised over time and a fresh coating will be needed to maintain roof protection. It’s important to apply roof coatings periodically to maintain the condition of your metal roof, so make sure to stay attuned to any changes with your roofing system. Speak to a professional roofer today to see what type of roof coating is needed for a stronger metal roof system.

Our team is here to help with your metal roof coating in Cape Coral, FL. Contact us to get set up with services.

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Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida is ready to provide your metal roof with the coating it needs to last for a long time. Our team will set up a free roof inspection to gauge the condition of your roof in order to see what areas need attention and what type of metal roof coating will work best with your roof. If you’d like to get a metal roof coating in Cape Coral, FL call our staff at 239-893-7663 to get started. We’re here to answer any of your questions and guide you into making the best choice for your roof.