Silicone Roof Coatings

A Silicone Roof Coating

Enjoy a More Protected Roof

Silicone roofing is a great option to implement to your roofing system when you want a resilient uniform membrane that’ll protect your roofing system from water damages and mold. Our trained and certified team of professionals at Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida provides expertly applied silicone roof coatings in Cape Coral, FL. Enjoy a roof that lasts for over a decade! Call 239-893-7663 to get set up with services.

About Silicone Roofs

A silicone coating application is an environmentally friendly, moisture-curing coating that won’t give off harmful byproducts that could pollute the areas around your building. It’s able to deflect UV rays and provide UV resistance to the property which will help prevent premature wear from the sun. This will lower building temperatures and stabilize HVAC energy use which can in turn greatly decrease energy bills. You also won’t have to worry about the discoloration of your roof as it will maintain its original color. If water damages are a concern, silicone roofing is able to prevent the ponding of water. It will combat mold and mildew and will stop them from growing and deteriorating your roofing system. You can expect silicone roof coatings to last 10-15 years and you may be able to reapply the coating every time. This roofing system is easy to wash and won’t need much maintenance. Silicone roofing is a great cool roofing option to apply to your flat roof. To learn more about the benefits involved with this type of roof give our team a call today.

Call our team of experts for professionally applied silicone roof coatings in Cape Coral, FL. We’ll make sure that your roof is properly up to code and secure in the application.

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Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida is here to provide uniform silicone roof coatings in Cape Coral, FL. We’ll make sure to have your roof secured with our implementations. If you have any questions about the roofing process don’t hesitate to ask! Give us a call at 239-893-7663 to get connected with a free roof inspection and get set up with an appointment for services.