Residential Roof Installation

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Get a Fresh, New Roof For Your Home

Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida is a qualified and experienced roofing company that is here to provide you with pristine residential roof installation in Cape Coral, FL. We want your roof to be secured and durable to withstand the passage of time and the daily impacts of climate and weather. To learn more about what our team of roofers can do for your property call us today at 239-893-7663. Ask us about our free roof inspections for your home.

Roof Installation Services

Our team provides a number of roofing materials for you to choose from that will best fit your roofing structure. We want your roof to be protected by the elements in order to have your roof last for a long time. Getting your roof installed by trained and certified roofers is essential in preventing premature repairs from happening down the line due to improper installations. You can expect materials to fit with the specifications of your roof so you can have a secure roof installation. Our roofers are trained and certified to handle a number of different roofing requirements. We have the tools and equipment to ensure that connections are tight and that roofing material are fitted properly to your roof. Expect to have a roof installation that will last for years to come after we’re through. To find out more about how our team of roofers can help better your roof, give us a call soon.

Asphalt Shingles

Enjoy the classic look of Amerca’s number one roofing material. Asphalt shingles offer standard protection and are able to protect your roof through the daily changes in climate and weather. They are quick to install, cost-efficient, and easy to repair which makes them a great choice for standard roofing. They can last 15-25 years with proper care. Learn more about how asphalt shingles can be applied to the property by getting in touch with us today.

Standing Seam Metal

Standing seam metal roofing is comprised of flat areas of metal panels that are separated by raised legs otherwise referred to as standing seams. The seams form an airtight and watertight connection which can be a great benefit in preventing damages to your roof like preventing leaks. The look of a standing seam can differ according to style and you may be able to choose from the option that best suits your aesthetic tastes. To learn more about the different style options available speak to a roofer today.

Tile Roofing

There are many different types of tile roofs that you can choose from depending on the materials you prefer for your roof and the specifications and dimensions that are necessary for your property. A tile roof provides a classic look that will be sure to catch the eye of those around the neighborhood. From metal roofing to concrete there are various advantages to each type of roof. Tile roofing is a great way to provide weather resistance to your property. Clay and concrete tiles are known for their durability and ability to withstand high winds, hail, fire, and are even pest-resistance. Due to these protections, these roofs are able to last upwards of 50 years. Tile roofs can be customized to fit with your property specifications and dimensions so that you can secure fittings in accordance with the shape and size you require.

Get the assistance you require for a secure residential roof installation in Cape Coral, FL, and contact our team of trained and certified roofers today.

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Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida provides various services with residential roof installation in Cape Coral, FL. To learn more about your roofing material options and what our team can do for you give us a call at 239-893-7663. We provide a free roof inspection so that you can have the best conditions with your roof moving forward. Get your roof secured with our professional roofing services.