Roofing Wind Damage Repairs

fallen tree after hard storm on damaged house

Get Your Wind Damaged Roof Fixed With Our Help

Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida knows that having harsh winds can be more detrimental than people think. Wind-blown debris and fallen branches can cause more severe damages upon impact. No matter your roofing materials, roof impact from flying objects will cause damage. When you need to get help with roof wind damage repair in Cape Coral, FL count on our team. We’re here to set you up at 239-893-7663.

Different Signs of Wind Damages

Damages from wind can start at speeds of 50 mph. With winds as high as 70-90mph, you’ll start to see significant damages from flying objects or disturbed objects like electrical lines or trees which can collapse on your roofing membrane. There are a number of different signs of damages to get attuned to with your roof when wind damages are present. Take, for example, damaged shingles, roof punctures, and with certain damaged openings roof leaks. Rough winds can uproot unsecured areas of your property as well loosen or break away worn and vulnerable areas of your roof. Depending on the age of your roof and the materials that you have you’ll see a range of different damages. With asphalt shingles you may see loosened, curled, or blown off areas while with metal roofing it may take flying heavy options to cause a dent or other damages. After a storm, it’s best to get a roof inspection conducted to gauge the level of damages so that problem areas can be pinpointed and the best course of action found for your roof. Our team provides help in getting your roof taken care of.

For help with roof wind damage repair in Cape Coral, FL contact our team of professional roofers today.

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Thompson Roofing & Reconstruction of Florida is your resource for providing roof wind damage repair in Cape Coral, FL. Our team of professionals provides services 24/7 for emergency roof repair assistance and will schedule a certified roofer to your property as soon as possible. Get your roof inspected by a professional at 239-893-7663. We’re here to help!